How Long Do I Have to File My Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Nevada’s Statutes of Limitations, which govern how long a party has to file a lawsuit, are covered under Nevada Revised Statutes Section 11.190. There are several different statutes of limitation, and the type of case you have will determine how long you have to file a lawsuit in Nevada. In regards to a personal injury case, you generally have two years after the date of the accident in which to file your lawsuit. Specifically, NRS 11.190(4)(e) states, “[w]ithin 2 years; …an action to recover damages for injuries to a person or for the death of a person caused by the wrongful act or neglect of another.”

To be assured that your rights are preserved, it is essential that you file a lawsuit prior to the deadline. If you miss this deadline, even by one day, there is a high likelihood that your lawsuit will be dismissed, and you will forever lose the right to just compensation for your injuries.

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