How Will Coronavirus Affect Your Personal Injury Case?

In a matter of just a few weeks the COVID-19 pandemic, commonly referred to as coronavirus, has taken what seemed as a big deal in our lives and pushed it into the background. Ordinarily, personal injury cases can become the center of an injured person’s world. As a result, much of the individual’s attention is focused on getting proper treatment and obtaining a fair settlement. 

During these uncertain and unprecedented times, however, an injured party may not concern him or herself with the personal injury lawsuit until absolutely necessary. Below are some useful tips for you and issues to look out for when the time comes to focus on your Nevada personal injury case.

  • Pressure to settle: With financial uncertainty so prevalent in light of the coronavirus pandemic, you might be tempted and pressured to jump at the first or most recent settlement amount offered by the insurance company or its defense attorney. If you can afford to hold out, and maybe find other sources of income during this pandemic, your final settlement will likely be higher.
  • Non-critical healthcare is delayed: While it is true that the coronavirus pandemic has hit some parts of the country harder than others, many healthcare facilities and hospitals are preparing to treat an unprecedented number of patients. Simply put, medical facilities and doctors may already be prioritizing coronavirus-related care and putting non-critical care on the backburner. 
  • Court systems are not fully operational: Across the country, many businesses, including the courts, have reduced workers, limited interaction with the public, and even reduced hours. Given the ever-changing status of the civil court systems across the country, there will likely be significant delays in your lawsuit. 

Remote Law Firms

Most law firms across the country, including Nevada, are continuing their practice and representation of their clients remotely. While still complying with local guidance from authorities in Nevada, attorneys are taking extra precautions to protect both clients and staff to keep cases moving forward. Some ways law firms are doing so include:

  • Working remotely, when attorneys and staff are still able to handle the essential aspects of clients’ cases;
  • Responding to potential clients’ who call for help and take on viable cases;
  • Leveraging technology in order to access and organize records, critical client information, organize documents, and keep the information secure and confidential;
  • Communicating with clients and opposing counsel by email, telephone, video conference, and other virtual communication methods;
  • Using technology to conduct video depositions, exchange ediscovery and other documents, and video mediations; and
  • Collaborating with staff, attorneys, and experts on cases through technology. 

Our Attorneys are Available

If you have been hurt through no fault of your own in a Nevada accident, do not hesitate to contact the Las Vegas personal injury lawyers at Matt Pfau Law Group. Our skilled attorneys can explain your rights and obligations under Nevada law. We can work with you to move your case forward during this unprecedented time through technology. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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